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Warrior Pride is a town-centric program versus the ‘all-star’ team approach. It is our firm belief that Wilton has a wealth of lacrosse talent and if not diluted, we can compete at a high level with all teams. We have demonstrated this in 2009 by winning the Beach Blast classic and earning a bid to the National Tournament in Florida for our HS team. Our 20111 State Championship was no doubt aided in part by the strong participation in the summer and fall of 2010.      The Wilton Warriors won the title once again in 2013 and this further reinforces the benefits of playing together and developing a strong 'esprit de corps'.
At Warrior Pride, we feel that we are able to not compromise on quality while at the same time providing truly unique differentiating qualities vis a vis the other options for off-season lacrosse.   Warrior Pride will provide high quality focused instruction to all participants irrespective of where they live or for which team the play during the spring season.   That said, our core constituents will be Wilton players and they will benefit from a teaching curriculum that is based on the Wilton High School system.  They will learn that system from the very beginning and build upon and perpetuate the teachings each year.  Further, they will be placed in team situations with a predominate number of players that they will likely continue to play with throughout their Wilton career.   They will be coached by some of the most experienced staff and all who have gone through the Wilton system.
We ask that when you consider a summer or fall program for your child, you not only look at the individual benefits derived but the benefits to the team and the Wilton lacrosse program as a whole. For those who see off-season programs as a recruitment tool, the single most important factor for getting attention of college coaches will be a championship caliber high school program. After 3 state championship appearances in 5 years and a 2 state championships in the past 3 years, Wilton players are now once again getting the ‘looks’ we deserve. It remains our shared philosophy, that a strong nucleus of Wilton kids playing together throughout the year at ALL age levels will yield consistent results and allow us to provide even more opportunities to a greater amount of players.
It has always been our primary objective to develop the individual and build better Wilton players to create an even greater program within the Town of Wilton. While Warrior Pride is a ‘for profit’ organization, profit is not our motive. For those of you who have already participated in Warrior Pride programs, we hope that comes through and you see our commitment to your children. For those who are not aware of all that Warrior Pride has done and will continue to do, please visit our ‘Giving Back’ page.

We appeciate the financial and time demands off-season training places on our young athletes and their families.  It is for this reason that we aim to keep the costs reasonable and to keep everyone's time commitment in mind when setting up our programs and entering into tournaments. Our offerings will remain of the same high quality you can get elsewhere, but with Warrior Pride you will get :
  • The Wilton System with greater team building opportunities
  • High quality instruction
  • Time sensitive scheduling
  • An economical price
Thank you for reading our Philosophy.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.